Friday, October 12, 2012

Royal Sonic Princess Chicken III $Negotiable
Opened the kiln this morning and saw a wonderful site!! Royal Sonic  Chickens and Halloween Goblins!!! Hope you like them!! Here are some photos for your veiwing!! The Royal Sonic Princess got into a scuffule with her brother the Royal Sonic Prince. As a consequence she lost some feathers !!! So her value is negotiable. The other members of the Royal Sonic Family are $125 each. The Halloween Goblins are $3 each. I had a prior order for the Royal Sonic King and Queen III so those are marked SOLD in the photos. Contact me if you want to order any of the pottery shown in my blog. Please remember that original ceramic pottery takes time to make so give me time to make you the piece you want!! Thank you for viewing my blog. Please let me know what you think. Jerry
Halloween Goblins $ 3ea

Royal Sonic King Chicken III !SOLD!

Royal Sonic Queen Chicken III !SOLD!

Royal Sonic Qeeen Chicken III !SOLD!

Royal Sonic Prince Chicken III $125

Royal Sonic Guard Chicken III $125

Royal Sonic Family Photo !!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sonic King Chicken III
Sonic Princess Chicken III

Sonic Chicken Queen III
10.09.12 Hooray!! finally replaced the elements in the small electric kiln! Ran the break-in and bisque firing as the instructions called for. After all that I got busy glazing Royal Sonic Chicken Family III. Here's some photos. Hope you like them! Will glaze fire on Thursday. There should be more photos then to show the results of the first firing with the new elements! Exciting!!