Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hi all! Great News!!
 I have been juried into the Chatham Artists Guild!!   I want to thank the Artists Guild for inviting me to join and Gerald Dukes for doing such a great job photographing my pottery! Here's Gerald's phone number if you want to have your art photographed by a professional! 919-444-9199. 

Here are a couple of examples of Gerald's photografic abilities! The first photo is a two piece pot with black underglaze hand painted design. The size is 17.5X6.25X6.25 inches. Price on the vase is $125. The bottom photo is of three little Cosmic Piggies. Left to Right are Big Swamp Double Tail, Mr. Leather and Mr. Cool Daddy with shades and dreadlocks. Sizes are 5.5X5.25X6.25; 4.75X4X6; and 4.25X4.25X5.25 inches. Hope you like them! All these Cosmic Piggies have sold: however, more will be made and will be available for $35. You can see more of my art at the Joyful Jewel in downtown Pittsboro NC.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hi All- I haven't been on my blog for a while due to a knee replacement!! See the picture above. I am still recovering. Lots of physical therapy and stationary bike riding, stretching and walking. The feeling I have every morning is that a tight band has been placed around my leg and it does not feel like it will bend. However, with the physical therapy etc mentioned above I am able to get moving. In fact I have started making some pots !! Send me some comments if you like the scar!!