Tuesday, February 11, 2014

 Hi everyone! I've been in the studio and have some nice English Tea Pots, Hors D'oevres plates, and salad plates in the leather hard stage. I hope to bisque fire them this week. Here they are hope you like the shapes!! Also couldn't resist adding a wonderful sunrise!
Beautiful Sunrise at the Farm in Pittsboro, NC

Here are five of the six English Style Teapots!
Hors d'oeuvres plates 12"&14"and 8" Salad plates

Well that's it for today! I'll be working on Chinese Style Tea Pots and Large Platters. Stay tuned!! Please let me know if there is something you want to see! Until then. Jerry


  1. Mr Fowler, as an admirer of your work, I want to say these recent photographs, especially of the plates, are stunning. You are such an artisan. Then I look back a post, and see the other fine creations from the Fall.....hooray! Sincerely, Ms Blessum

  2. Great work, Jerry! Long may you run.