Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hi All-I did a small kiln glaze firing over the week-end. See the photo above. The group photo shows 4 teacups I used to test a new glaze that I like. The glaze is Fracasa ash glaze. It gives a blue or green color depending on the colorants added to the base glaze. Let me know what you think?  There are three small 3"X4" (HxW) bowls in the back row along with a small oval thrown and re-shaped dish 1.5"X4"X7" (HxWxL) with blue glass filled center.You can see the pyrometric cones used on this shelf. Cone 4,5,6 are down and cone 7 is soft.
Above is a wall hanging planter. A customer ordered 6 of these planters. I made 8 but could only get 4 in the kiln at one time. I will fire the others this weekend. The cones on this shelf are all down. Meaning that this area of the kiln fired to cone 7.


  1. Wonderful, Jerry! Sooo glad. ;) Nice blues and shading. I can hardly wait to see the design closer up.