Sunday, June 2, 2013

Welcome to my blogspot! I have a included a series of pictures that show the steps I use in making my Royal Sonic Chicken Family. In this series the first slide shows the RSC Bodies, tail sections, heads and stands.
Slide 1-Royal Sonic Chicken bodies, tail sections, heads and stands.

The second slide shows 2 RSC  bodies with head and tail sections attached. Also shown are additional bodies, heads, tail sections and stands that will be shown assembled in later photos.

Slide 3 shows four RSC bodies, tail sections and heads attached to their stands. At this stage the the RSChickens are ready for the addition of wings, feathers, crowns and face features.

The fourth slide shows the fully assembled RSC King, Queen, Princess and Prince. 

The next step is to bisque fire the Royal Family. Then complete the process with glazing and glaze firing! Hope you enjoyed the series of slides on the process used to assemble the Sonic Chicken Royal Family.  Come back toward the end of June to see the finished Royal Fowls!!!


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  1. What a great chronicle of how these wonders are made. It's hard for me to imagine them from the first slide. You really figured this all out. And, what personalities and stories have resulted!