Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Royal Chicklets as Card/Plant Holders
 I have completed the assembly of another part of the Royal Sonic Chicken Family! These are the Royal Chicklets! They are making themselves useful! They are excellent for business card holders or could even be used as small pots for growing your favorite plants. The three photos attached are different views of four of the Chicklets which have not been bisque or glaze fired. They are in the dry clay stage. Look carefully at the beak and you can tell which are going to "develop into" Royal Sonic Princesses or Princes.The Royal Chicklets will soon be bisque fired. Then they will be glazed and glaze fired. The finished Royal Chicklets will not be ready for new homes until approximately mid-July.

Front View

Rear View
Hope you like them! I would love to receive your comments!! Thanks Jerry

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