Monday, April 14, 2014

Here are some photos of my glaze firing completed 4.6.14!! Thank you for viewing them. Hope you enjoy the  photos. These pots will be for sale at the Joyful Jewel or contact me at! Thanks. Jerry
Bowls for donation to Chatham Food Bank Size-5.75"WX3.25H
Cosmic Piggies! Orange eyes 4"WX5.5"HX5.5"L;Dreadlocks and Star eyes approx. Same size $35 ea
Tea Pot 5.5"WX6"H $45
Mugs 3.25"WX4"H $20 ea. sold
Wine glasses 3.5"WX6.6"H $23ea
Tee Pot 4.5"WX6.5"H $45
Hors d'oeuvre 13.75"WX3"H $65 sold

Tea Cups 3.25"HX3.25"W $8ea
Oval Casserole 6.25"WX3"HX8.5"L $59

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