Monday, April 21, 2014

Hi everyone- I had a professional photographer take some photos for me! His name is Gerald Dukes. I know you are going to want his email and telephone number after seeing his photos of my ceramics. It is really a treat to compare my photos with his! As you will see- there is no comparison. So here is his phone number and email. Phone #919-444-9199 Enjoy Jerry
Casseroles Round and Oval
Wine Glasses
Son of Mushroom Mother
Cosmic Piggies Star Eyes; Orange Eyes and Dreadlocks
Sonic Chicken Queen (L) and King (R)


  1. Wow-"professional" photographer Gerald enhanced the beauty and appealing features of casseroles, wine glasses, son of mushroom mother and cosmic piggies (they're adorable), but your fotos of previous sonic chickens are just as awesome as his!

  2. Indeed, Gerald Dukes took the most beautiful pictures! And, of course, he had some great artwork to shoot. Nice work the both of you!